What Is Sedation Dentistry from a Novices Standpoint? Part One

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My name is Jack Thomas and I wanted to share with you my experience in being treated by Dr. Chris Balsly, at Trailside Dental Care. Dr. Chris is a Mason Ohio Dentist and his office is located at 5382 Cox-Smith Rd., Mason, OH 45040.

In my personal opinion he is the best Mason Ohio Dentist. If you need dental care in Mason Ohio or the surrounding areas, Chris is your man. Give him a call at his office to schedule an appointment, his telephone number is 513-229-7711.

I want to tell you why you should choose Chris for your dental care needs and I’m going to do this in two different posts that Chris allowed me to place on his website.

I Have a Dentist Phobia!

I personally have a very severe phobia of going to the dentist. I’m almost 47 years old, I own a very successful business here in Cincinnati and to this day I procrastinate to the last possible moment in making appointments to go see the dentist. I developed this fear of dentists early in my life.

When I was 18 years old I decided to join the Marine Corps and one day I had a routine dental examination by a Navy dentist. The Navy dentist decided that he needed to remove all of my wisdom teeth.

He started to do the preparatory work and he gave me Novocain for the pain.

Within only a few moments I realized he did not give me enough Novocain, or he did not properly apply the Novocain and I flew out of that chair like a guided missile, the pain was absolutely incredible.

With a smile on his face the dentist told me, “I guess I didn’t give you enough Novocain I probably should strap you down next time.”

The Beginning of Dental Phobia!

Ever since that experience I developed a distinct fear of going to the dentist. About three years ago I broke one of my back teeth eating popcorn. Because of my dentist phobia I kept procrastinating and putting it off to go to the dentist office until the point that my tooth became infected and I was in severe pain.

My wife made an appointment with one dentist in Mason Ohio, and after the examination I felt like he was trying to rip me off, so I did not take him up on his proposed $3000 in dental treatment.

The next dentist I met with said that he could put on a temporary cap and advised me that within six months it would need to be replaced with a crown. Since this dentist didn’t seem like he was trying to rip me off, he said he could complete the procedure immediately.

Immediately I began to feel a significant amount of anxiety and I tried to reschedule the appointment and then I confessed to him that I’m petrified of dental treatment so to put me at ease he gave me laughing gas plus the typical painkillers.

After the dental treatment was finished their office staff scheduled a follow-up treatment in three months to put on the crown, however I broke that appointment when it came up for two reasons, the first reason had to do with my anxiety.

The second reason I’ll share with you in my next post, because I decided I would probably not use that dentist again do the fact that he did not warn me about the effects of laughing gas, I will explain in the next post why I decided not to use that dentist again and why I could’ve been charged with driving under the influence when I left his office after the treatment.

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